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Rubber/Plastic Products

Rubber/Plastic Products


TIGERS Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet

- NR (Natural Rubber) Sheet
- CR (Chloroprene Rubber) Sheet
- NBR (Acrylonitrilebutadiene Rubber) Sheet
- EPT (Rthylene-Propylene Rubber) Sheet
- SR (Silicone Rubber) Sheet
- UR (Urethane Rubber) Sheet
- etc.
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TIGERS Ti-Flex Hose


- Non-PVC Hose
- General Hose 
- Pressure Resistant/Abrasion Resistant Hose
- Antistatic Hose
- Food Grade, Oil Resistant Hose
- Duct Hose
- Heat Resistant Duct Hose
- etc.
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TIGERS Industrial Products

Extruded Product

- Silicone Rubber Extruded Products (Tube, etc.), Molded Parts
- Fluoro Rubber Extruded Products (Tube, etc.), Molded parts
- Urethane Rubber Rod & Pipe, Molded parts
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Very Thin Rubber Sheet with cloth inserted

Thin Rubber Sheet

For gaskets, strip-proof packings, etc.
Thickness 0.25mm - up
Material : CR, NBR, NR, etc.
Vulcanized and/or Unvulcanized

DC-Plate, Anti-Static

DC Plate

For Wafer-Handling, Clean Room Glazing
Material : PVC, PMMA/Acrylic and Polycarbonate

PVC Curtain

PVC Curtain

Accordion type foldable partition cuitain
Effect in heat/cold insulation, dust proofing, insect quarding and energy conservation, etc.

Anti-Static PVC Film & Matting

PVC MattingPVC Film

Rubberized Cloth

For Life Jacket, boat, Air-Tent, Oil Fence and Protect Floor Sheet


Please kindly contact us freely if you have any inquiry on the above Rubber and Plastic Products. Besides, we are welcome to your any enquiey on other Rubber and Plastic items. We are pleased to investigate in our market according to your inquiry.

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